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Joseph Limprecht Memorial Website



To Ambassador Limprecht's family

Dear Nancy, Alma and Eleanor:

There are no words to express our immense sadness for the loss of our beloved Ambassador.

We have been exceptionally honored and fortunate to have had the privilege of working so closely with him during these last three years. He loved us all. And we all loved him. His office, his home, and his heart were open to all.

All of the important events in our lives were important to him as well. He always made sure that he never missed any wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, or other occasions. He was always the life of the party, quickly learning all our dances and traditions.,

And when misfortune struck any of our FSN's or their families, he was there to share in their sorrow.

Ambassador Limprecht will be in our hearts forever. His spirit will live on, and he will always be remembered as the best Ambassador the American Embassy in Tirana has ever had.

Our hearts and thoughts are with you. May God ease your pain.

FSN Staff
American Embassy Tirana