Joseph Limprecht Memorial Website

Loving father, Supportive husband, Wise counselor, Connoisseur of all things.
U.S. Ambassador to Albania, 1999-2002
Born: July 22, 1946     Died: May 19, 2002
This site is a tribute to Joseph Limprecht, who died on May 19, 2002 shortly before completing his assignment as U.S. Ambassador to Albania. A career Foreign Service Officer and my husband for over 33 years of marriage, Joe thrived on challenges. His knowledge was encyclopedic and his love of life was legendary. He died too young, but his life was varied and full, and if he could have staged his own demise, he would have had it no other way: in the fullness of his life, on a beautiful spring day in a remote and gorgeous place in a country whose hope and self-respect he had reinforced with his own love and optimism.